Was ist neu bei Lyoness

What's new at Lyoness?


Dear Lyoness Member,

Do you like our new website? We haven't just updated our look online!

Lyoness turned 10 years old in 2013 – and we took this anniversary as a chance to think about what new things we would like to offer our Members and Loyalty Merchants. Saving money with every purchase wasn't enough for us any more!

This is how the idea of Shopping Points came about. Starting now, in addition to tried and trusted "Cashback", you automatically collect Shopping Points with every purchase. And for our Loyalty Merchants we are, of course, offering new services which enable them to use the Customer Loyalty Programme even more efficiently.

Of course, innovation requires a new appearance. That's how we arrived at our new Corporate Design, which, as you've probably already noticed on our website, is oriented towards Shopping Points.

We've compiled a short summary to give you an overview of the numerous innovations.

We hope you have lots of fun with the innovations from Lyoness.
Happy shopping,

Your Lyoness Team


What are Shopping Points?

Along with Cashback, you'll also automatically receive Shopping Points every time you shop with a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. You can redeem your Shopping Points for one of the attractive Shopping Point Deals offered by our Lyoness Loyalty Merchants at Lyoness.com. This means you benefit twice with every purchase at a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant and have even more benefits as a Lyoness Member! Your current Shopping Point balance is available at any time underMy Profile.

What's become of the previously accumulated Loyalty Benefits?

All the Loyalty Benefits you've collected from all of your purchases so far will now be converted into Shopping Points. Any outstanding Loyalty Benefits you had accumulated have now been credited to you as Shopping Points under My Profileexclusive Shopping Point Deals at Lyoness.com right now! How does this benefit you? Instead of receiving Loyalty Benefits with your Cashback, you will now automatically receive Shopping Points that you can start using straight away!

Where do I find my Member details?

With "My Profile" you have a starting place where you can do much more than just view your Member details. Here you'll also find your Shopping Overview, Cashback Card, Vouchers Purchased, Shopping Points, redeemed Shopping Point Deals and much more. You'll find an especially valuable function in the Notification Settings in your profile. There you can decide exactly which types of information you'd like to receive from Lyoness. This means you can manage your messages according to your preferences. Would you like to receive the Shopping Newsletters and the Newsletters of the Lyoness Foundations? Do you want to receive information from Lyoness Loyalty merchants or be informed about Offers and Special Offers? Do you prefer to receive information by email or SMS? You choose. You can change your settings at any time!

What is my Shopping Cart?

At Lyoness.co.za you can order numerous Lyoness Loyalty Merchants Vouchers or Friendship Flyers. Each of your orders will be placed in your Shopping Trolley so you don't have to complete every order process individually. You can then pay for all the orders together at once - meaning convenience and time saved for you The Shopping Cart is easily accessible since it is located on the upper right side of the Lyoness website.
Tip: you have to be logged in as a Lyoness Member to view your personal Shopping Trolley.

How do I order Vouchers from Loyalty merchants?

You can order Lyoness Loyalty Merchants Vouchers simply and easily at Lyoness.co.za. Use the Search tab to find Loyalty merchants whom you would like to order Vouchers from. If you've found the desired Lyoness Loyalty Merchants, all you need to do is click "Order Voucher" and in the form Voucher Order you can decide exactly how many Vouchers you'd like to order. Then you can place these in your Shopping Trolley. If you already know which Loyalty merchants you'd like to order Vouchers from, you can enter them directly into the Order Form and place an order for several Loyalty merchants at once.

What's happened to Mobile Cashback?

We've improved and simplified mobile shopping. Instead of generating Mobile Vouchers in an app with Mobile Cashback as you used to, now you can decide whether you want to receive them digitally (if they are available in this form) when ordering them at Lyoness.co.za. If you've purchased digital Vouchers you can view them at any time under „My Profile“. As Lyoness.co.za is optimised for mobile devices, you no longer need an app- instead, you have full access to all website functions and can order your Vouchers any time, any place.

Where do I find the Lyoness Store?

Lyoness offers you an extensive Lyoness Merchandising Store where you'll find an even larger selection of products! Under Lyoness-Store.com you'll find numerous products in the categories fashion, accessories, bags, business, and sport and with every purchase you of course get Cashback and Shopping Points. In addition, you'll find current sales in the Lyoness Merchandising Store where you can save even more. Come by and take a look!

Where can you purchase Friendship Flyers?

You can order Friendship Flyers directly from your Lyoness Member Service. What's so good about Friendship Flyers? New Lyoness Members will receive a credit card style Cashback Card with the Flyer which they can then start using at Cashback Card Loyalty Merchants straight away. Time to start collecting Cashback and Shopping Points! You will also benefit from this too; every time your new Members shop at a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant, you will receive a Friendship Bonus!

What's happened to Auto Cashback?

Auto Cashback has a new name - Easy Shopping. Because you now get Vouchers for Lyoness Partners sent to you simply, securely, automatically, and punctually every month– and this way you also get Cashback and Shopping Points! All you need to do is complete the Easy Shopping form, send it to your Member Service Center, and set up an automatic monthly payment at your bank to cover the amount of your Easy Shopping Voucher Orders. This way you get the Vouchers you want automatically every month, plus your Lyoness Benefits. Nice and easy! Try Easy Shopping now!

Are there still Voucher Codes?

As always, Lyoness has attractive offers for you! You'll find the Voucher Codes along with numerous other Offers and exclusive Special Offers by going to “Get Offers“. There you'll get the perfect overview of where you can save even more money at Lyoness Loyalty merchants in addition to Shopping Points and Cashback. Take a look and benefit multiple times!

Are there other exclusive discounts?

Select "Redeem Shopping Points" in the menu to exchange your Shopping Points for one of our Lyoness Loyalty Merchants' exciting Shopping Point Deals. The "Get Offers" page also lists a number of exclusive Loyalty Merchant offers that provide you with access to additional discounts and shopping benefits.

What's new for Newsletters?

Now you can personally decide which Lyoness Newsletters you want to receive! Newsletters include shopping news and Offers or learning more about the Lyoness Foundations projects. Adjust these and other settings at My Profile.

If you have any further questions regarding Lyoness please contact the Member Service Center.

* The margin benefits are dependant on the products purchased and the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.