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GO NATURAL – Specialists in healthy living, health foods, health products and health equipment. Our products and methods will unlock your ‘INNER DOCTOR’ to facilitate natural healing.

GO NATURAL are suppliers of the best of breed and proven health products

The items that we sell were carefully selected and tried and tested by ourselves and our customers over the years. These will deliver life changing, measurable results for you and your family. The good news is that the body is DESIGNED to heal and win, you must just allow it to do so. The TRUTHS in our book will empower you and set you FREE from “dis-ease”.

1.Our top seller book, GO NATURAL - Wisdom for Healthy Living, is
your ESSENTIAL GUIDE for ‘DIS-EASE’ free living. We also stock a variety of other books.
2.Real and Fresh Foods: grains, herbs, nuts, seeds, pulses, honey, bread, fermented foods, food supplements, pasture reared meat, dairy and poultry and much more.
6.Fermentation Crock Pots
7.Water Distillers and Purification Equipment
10.Stone Mills
11.Grain Rollers
12.Food supplements and many more health products.

Your body is engineered to win and heal. GO NATURAL helps people to TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR OWN HEALTH. For example, we all experience how injuries like a scratch, burn, cut and even a broken bone heel from the inside, but likewise a viral and bacterial infection will be conquered by the IMMUNE SYSTEM if it is in optimal condition, which is part of your ‘INNER DOCTOR’. This self-healing capability is encoded in our genes. Your ‘INNER DOCTOR’ is your body’s most valuable asset. The ‘INNER DOCTOR’ knows exactly what is happening inside your body and where the trauma is located, but it also knows what is required for healing and balance (homeostasis) to take place. The requirement is that your ‘INNER DOCTOR’ needs an adequate supply of real and pure nutrients, or building blocks, to fuel the characteristics of self-healing, self-protecting, self-cleaning and self-maintenance. Real foods in our original food chain, pure water as well as a clean environment - as was found approximately 150 years ago - is essential for the ‘INNER DOCTOR’ to function at its full capacity and capability.

On the contrary the modern QUICK FIX foods found in boxes, cans, bottles, and packets, have become the new norm. However, these have hidden, modern variables: it is refined - which renders it striped of nutrients; pre-prepared; sterile; preserved and often chemically laden. This packaged, modern food chain found in our superstores is GROSSLY nutrient deficient, leaving most people in a constant state of craving, and in fact suffering from malnutrition despite being overfed. Ultimately there is only one way to eat and live – NATURALLY. This is why GO NATURAL was authored and founded with its TEN STEP NUTRITIONAL PLAN filled with skills and recipes to prepare real food from living ingredients.


There is a set of modern root causes that upsets balance and homeostasis in the body. There is always a cause and effect for every “dis-ease” condition. We must not treat the symptoms of the “dis-ease” or condition itself. Once the root causes of “dis-ease” are identified and removed, the table is set for healing and recovery. This is only possible when our INNER DOCTER is set free to do what it does best: self-healing.

This is exactly what happened when Johan Jacobs, the founder and author of GO NATURAL, recovered from Advanced Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Like Johan and other Go Natural readers and followers, you too, can take control of your health. Thirteen years ago, Johan received a second chance. He invites you to take hold of your second chance.

Buy a GO NATURAL book today, read it, join the GO NATURAL movement and enjoy the GO NATURAL diet and lifestyle, experience healing, recovery, optimal health, vitality and freedom from the shackles of man-made “dis-ease” and the symptomatic treatment of modern medicine.
We invite you to visit www.gonatural.co.za and read profound testimonies of people who recovered from severe dreaded “dis-eases” the natural, safe and cost-effective way.


2.Seminars and Healthy Living Workshops

Best wishes
Johan, Alicia and the GO NATURAL TEAM

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