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African Business Structures (Pty) Ltd (“ABS”) was established in 2017 in South Africa. It is a 51% Level 2 Black Owned professional, specialist business advisory company. It is a business vehicle for, amongst other, the establishment of Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) with multiple role players including local, provincial and national government, State Owned Enterprises, organised business and private sector companies on a provincial and national basis.

The company was born out of the realisation by the representative business chamber movement - the AHI - that it could further unlock substantial value for its multi-stakeholder base by fully utilising the underlying expertise and experience that exists within this 75 year old movement through an appropriately structured business vehicle. The organisation currently consists out of 105 representative bodies (“business chambers”) nationally with a professional business membership base exceeding 4000. The organisation is structured on a three tier basis, national, provincial (9 provinces) and local.

This is, however, not ABS’s only reason for existence. It is a fully fledged professional business-to-business consultancy that will deliver its products and services to various clients outside of government and the organised business environment. Its core executive team has just over 100 years of professional business experience in government, corporate and the entrepreneurial business environments. ABS has also established a selected associate structure nationally and internationally to assist in projects requiring specialised skills and expertise.

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