Denim Couture

Cashback & Shopping Points

  • 2% + 2.5 per 1000 ZAR Purchase
  • Accepted Cashback Card B2B



Denim Couture was established in 2006. We have built a credible reputation as a leading Denim boutique, Swimwear and  Arts & Crafts shop.  We focus on designer denims that offer ladies clothes, sure to catch the eye, with an unrivaled shopping experience with the latest Denim fashions. Under the leadership of owner Charmaine du Plessis, Denim Couture has grown from strength to strength!
Denim Couture is bright, colorful, fresh, unique and fun!  We aim to bring the natural beauty to your body and home. We specialize in the latest, hard-to-find designer denims and high-end fashions, adding that our exclusive and exciting fashion and accessories are for women of all shapes and sizes. 
Denim Couture is a destination that offers the ultimate shopping experience through innovation and personal service focused on helping our clients discover their own personal style that will be unique.
Denim Couture carries Honesty and Integrity, coupled with exclusive selections. We stay on top of the hottest trends to keep our shoppers in the most stylish ensembles and consistently follow the human based design spirit, with a depth of understanding about clothing culture and a precise grasp on the popularity trend. We aim to constantly provide customer satisfaction through friendly service, best value for money and product quality! 

When you buy clothes, you never quite know how many people have bought the same outfit. If you build your luxury lifestyle around having a unique, one-of-a-kind style that is an extension of you, it can be tough seeing someone else using the same styles you are. This is why people-in-the-know always choose luxury exclusive clothing.
Buying luxury exclusive clothing means that you need to buy from the one-of-a-kind clothing boutique like Denim Couture. You want to make sure that you are getting a style of clothing that will be unique for you.


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