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Cashback & Shopping Points

  • 3% + 4 78 - Education, Tutoring and Training per 1000 ZAR Purchase
  • 2% + 1 Third Party Services per 1000 ZAR Purchase
  • Accepted Cashback Card B2B



Our Business 
My Reply develops small medium enterprises by offering an extensive service to ensure well trained happy employees, assisting more loyal customers to contribute to the turnover of the business. Ultimately more profit is generated for the informed business owner and their family to enjoy.
Our potential clients 
are the owners of small to medium enterprises in need of training and support to provide their customers with WOW service. See us as your business partner, without the complications of a partnership, contributing the skills, training and objective advice you need.
Our operations and reach 
include an office in Pretoria where we do our research and take care of the administrative stuff. We have service agreements with various lecture rooms nationally to be able to service our client base across South Africa. Our contracted panel of gurus - professional facilitators and coaches, deliver high quality, relevant interventions tailor made for each business as training is not a one size fits all.
Our offering
•skills development
•training & workshops
•marketing plan development and implementation
•company culture assessment
•change management planning and implementation
•executive -, business - and life coaching for business owners
•coaching to help the people in your business grow
•company secretarial services to ensure compliance
•rent a business partner
The frequency of our offering 
can be a long-term contract, a month-to-month contract, a single to multiple training intervention or even a full on contracted partnership. We know once we delivered to your business, our level of friendly professionalism will ensure many happy returns for both of us. 

Our Vision 
impacting people by uplifting their community financially through establishing a vibrant local economy build on the healthy turnover of numerous small and medium enterprises, affecting change in South Africa.
Our Mission 
empower the small to medium business owner with the strategy, tools and skills to generate more turnover and profit, to create vibrant employment opportunities, to provide customers with excellent service and to encourage every individual in the value chain to be a better person today than they were yesterday. Uplifting the community, improving the life of the children and creating wealthier people.
Our Values 
based on our founding scripture verse in Psalm 78:72 ‘So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.’ 
•pursue excellence
•never settle for average
•pay attention to detail
•uncompromising integrity and sound ethics
•have unconditional positive regard for people
•be congruent to self and others
•have empathy
•never stop improving
•Live your dream
The Maxwell Leadership Bible, John C. Maxwell

The Ordinary Millionaire Academy
My Reply presents three workshops based on the book '7 Secrets of the Happy, Healthy and Wealthy' by Wouter Snyman. These three workshops are;

  • Starting Point
  • Wealth Mindset
  • Forward Thinking

For more information on any of our workshops, please send an email to  
or phone Danie 0828816677

We see clients and prospective clients on appointment only,office address:
Polaris Avenue, 
Waterkloof Ridge x2,


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