General questions regarding Lyoness

The Company

Lyoness is a global shopping community, active across all sectors and that offers its customers free and non-binding Shopping Benefits. Moreover, Lyoness offers Merchants in the retail and service sector a Customer Loyalty Program. The Members of the Shopping Community receive Shopping Benefits such as "Cashback" and "Shopping Points" with each purchase at Lyoness Loyalty Merchants in order to use them for other purchases or to receive favorable discounts. For more information on Lyoness, go to

Shopping Benefits

As a Lyoness Member, you will receive Lyoness Benefits with each purchase at a Loyalty Merchant. This includes Cashback, Shopping Points and a Friendship Bonus if you refer somenone (Tell A Friend).
Depending on the agreement, you will receive up to 5% of the purchase sum in cashback when making a purchase at a Loyalty Merchant as a Member. This Cashback accumulates on your personal virtual Cash Account which you can look up anytime on the website If you accumulate at least $10 Cashback through your own purchases or the purchases of your friends (Tell A Friend), Lyoness will transfer the sum to your personal bank account.
Lyoness transfers your Cashback normally on Tuesdays, provided that you have accumlated at least $10 Cashback. You will find an overview of your accumulated Lyoness Benefits in your personal profile on the website
You will automatically receive Shopping Points in addition to Cashback with each purchase at a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant.
You can shop with the Cashback Card, with Gift Cards or online at Lyoness and save money.
Exclusively at Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. You will find a list of all Loyalty Merchants and detailed information about shopping opportunities and Lyoness Merchants through the Merchant search on Please note that not all Lyoness Loyalty Merchants accept the Cashback Card.


As a Lyoness Member, you will receive Cashback of up to 5% of the respective purchase sum and Shopping Points at Lyoness Loyalty Merchants. Your Cashback accumulates in your personal Lyoness Cash Account while your Shopping Points will be credited to your Shopping Points Account. If you accumulate a Cashback amount of at least $10 in your Cash Account, the money will be transferred to your personal bank account. You can redeem your collected Shopping Points for attractive Shopping Point Deals at selected Loyalty Merchants (SME) online or offline for certain products or discounts. If you refer Lyoness to other people, you will additionally receive the Friendship Bonus for all purchases your friends make (Tell A Friend).
No, the Lyoness Membership is free of charge and non-binding.
There are several options to become a Lyoness Member:
  • Use the opportunity to sign up when making a first purchase at a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant (SME) and receive your Lyoness Cashback Card right on the spot (Co-branded Card).
  • Get registered as a Lyoness Member by an existing Lyoness Member (Referrer) either online or with a Friendship Flyer (Tell A Friend).
Yes. The minimum age varies from country to country depending on the legal requirements. The minimum age for a successful registration is 18 years in any case and can be found in the GTC's.
Every indidvidual can become a Lyoness Member free of charge and non-binding. The minimum age for a successful registration can be found in the Lyoness GTC's.

Personal data

Your username and password for the registation on the website have been sent to you via email or text message during your registration. If you do not find these log-in data anymore, click on "Forgotten your password?" and follow the instructions.
The personal data of a Lyoness Member will not be transferred to third-parties. If the Member agrees to the transfer data, Lyoness and all Loyalty Merchants will use the data to do market research for internal company purposes only. This guarantees the improvement of services and the strategic expansion of the Shopping Network.

Cashback Card

As soon as you have registered as a Lyoness Member, your digital Cashback Card will be available for you on your profile at You can print it out anytime or open it on your smartphone browser. When being registered with a Friendship Flyer, you will additionally receive a credit card sized Cashback Card which you can use for purchases at all Cashback Card Loyalty Merchants worldwide. If your register directly at a Loyalty Merchant on site, you will receive a Cashback Card with the Lyoness logo and the logo of the Loyalty Merchant from the Loyalty Merchant (Co-branded Card). You will find an overview in the Co-branded Card Loyalty Merchants here. Obviously, this Card is valid at all other Cashback Card Loyalty Merchants.
Yes, as long as the Loyalty Merchant is a Cashback Card Loyalty Merchant.
No, the Cashback Card is not a payment method. It works like every advantageous card and merely serves the documentation of your purchases.

Online Shopping

Register and log in to the Lyoness website with your username and password. After logging in, you can find the relevant Loyalty Merchants through the Merchant search or in the Shopping Overview. You can click directly on "Online Shopping" or on the logo of the Loyalty Merchant to open the Merchant detail page. From there you can also open the desired Online Shop in a new Browser window by clicking on "Online Shopping" and shop to the Terms and Conditions of the respective Online Shop.
In order to shop successfully online, your computer needs to be fit for Online Shopping. Your Browser, as well as your Anti-Spyware and your Anti-Virus Program, have to accept 3rd Party Cookies. Accepted Cookies secure that orders made through Lyoness will be clearly recognized as a Lyoness Member purchase and will be assigned to your Shopping Overview. As soon as you log in to Lyoness, click on a Loyalty Merchant and their website will open in a new Browser window, a Cookie will be saved on your computer. When completing the online order, the information saved in the Cookie will be verified by the Online Shop. Your purchase can subsequently be traced back to Lyoness and the resulting Member Benefits can be assigned.
Technically, a Cookie is a file which temporarily archives information. You can picture it as a document on your computer which saves data about previously visited websites. You are able to view and delete Cookies as well as determine how Cookies are being used in your Browser settings. You can accept or block Cookies. The Cookie technology also allows to store information on the user's PC. Since the Cookie cannot access the medium of the data, it uses the Browser for this.
Your purchase will be shown in your profile under "My Purchases at Loyalty Merchants" within 1 - 3 business days. As soon as your purchase is completed in consideration of the respective return period and delivery times of the Loyalty Merchant, you will receive your Member Benefits. Depending on the shipping time of the goods or the method of payment you used, the entire process may take anywhere between 60 to 90 days.
Through the “Merchant Search,“ every Member can access Loyalty Merchants in all available countries, even if they are outside of their home country. However, the agreement between the Online Shops and Lyoness only applies to those countries in which the Online Shop is listed. The Member can choose to shop in an Online Shop which is not listed in their home country – however, be warned, the Loyalty Merchant is not obligated to pay out the Member Benefits for your order. Note: Such a purchase will be made at your own risk. It is not possible to have your Member Benefits paid out as a gesture of goodwill for non-recorded purchase at a foreign Loyalty Merchants. Therefore, we recommend to only shop at Online Shops which are listed in your country.
Please always pay attention to the conditions (validity, minimum order value, etc.) of a Coupon Code. You can look those up when you click on a Coupon Code. Please do not complete a purchase before the value of the Coupon Code has not been visibly deducted from the purchase amount. The use of “external“ Coupon Codes – such as offers through a newsletter of a Loyalty Merchant – will result in the loss of Lyoness Member Benefits.
Lyoness puts in much effort so you can receive your Member Benefits, even for purchases which have not been recorded. If the purchase does not appear on your Shopping Overview after 1 - 3 business days, we recommend contacting our Member Service Team with a full copy of your original receipt and your member id. Complaints will only be accepted within 3 months from your purchase date. Any later complaints will not be accepted by the Online Shops, therefore, no subsequent bookings can be made.


The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation (CFF) founded in 2008, is a charitable institution based in Switzerland. The Foundation is a politically independent charitable organization dedicated to the support and assistance of children and families in need worldwide under the motto "Education. Opportunities. Future.", particularly in the area of education. You will find more about the CFF on
The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation (GFF) was established in 2011 in Switzerland as a non-profit organization. It is a politically, independent, charitable organization, which is actively involved in sustainably protecting the environment, realizing innovative climate protection projects worldwide and promoting the use of renewable energies under the motto "Together for the world. Together for tomorrow." You will find more about the GFF on
* The margin benefits are dependant on the products purchased and on the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.