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LONDONTOWN is the first and only nail treatment and color line that works synergistically to heal nails from within. The LONDONTOWN brand offers a comprehensive two-step process to nail care and color with its exclusive kur and lakur lines, designed for professional and in-home use.

From root to tip, LONDONTOWN’s kur nail care system and bold lakur lacquers are formulated to provide the ideal balance between strength and hydration - leading to radiantly strong fingernails and nourished cuticles.

Both the kur and lakur lines work in unison to deliver noticeable, long lasting results and both are infused with LONDONTOWN's proprietary Florium Complex remedy, straight from the iconic gardens of England. Florium Complex's exclusive blend of vitamins and botanical oils restores, hydrates and strengthen nails from within, improving nail quality and manicure length with every application. LONDONTOWN is committed to detoxifying your nail care routine one coat at a time! LONDONTOWN is "9-free", Vegan, Gluten-free and Cruelty-free.

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