Tapas y Tintos

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Tapas y Tintos is a Spanish tapas bar that brings authenticity y corazon to the Spanish-inspired, historic street of Española Way in Miami Beach since 1981. The detailed, vintage furniture, authentic decor and dim-lit vibe is inspired by the old town ambiance of Spanish eateries from various regions in Spain. From ceiling to floor, the walls are covered with authentic photographs and decor of Spanish novelties such as Spanish Matador costumes, Spanish fans, Flamenco dancers and Spain’s beloved soccer teams.
La Casa De La Ginebra Espanola is our large bar situated at the entrance of the restaurant, that carries 18 different types of aromatic, citrus and floral gins and four different types of tonic. Enjoy the classic botanical flavors of gin or delve into more adventurous concoctions with citrus and spices. Its location suits anyone looking to stop by for a gin and tonic like the ones mastered in Spain. Our servers are knowledgable in the various types of wine and ginebras and can enlighten guests on the perfect selections.
Tapas is a Spanish term that comes from tapar which means “to cover”. Long ago, eateries in Spain served cured meats, Spanish cheeses and pieces of bread alongside bottles of tintos. Spaniards would use these foods to cover their glasses in order to avoid pesky wine-loving flies from tarnishing their drink. Today, this Spanish tradition lives on, minus the flies. Tapas y Tintos has developed a menu with authentic Spanish dishes from tapas frias y calientes such as Garbanzos Fritos and entrees like the “Seafood Paella” finished with traditional desserts like the Crema Catalana.
From the decor to the food, Tapas y Tintos gives you a true Spanish experience in the heart of Miami Beach. Bring your family and friends for a quick trip to Spain not too far from your backyard.

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