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We redraw the Made in Italy eating map, wishing Italian families to never lose the taste of enjoying the time together. Like an invitation that tastes of family and alluring flavors coming from the kitchen, we want to gather you around a hypothetical table to tell you a little bit about us.

ITsGOOD was created by Adriano and Francesco, two determined supporters of genuine cooking and accessible quality. An idea promoting the Italian excellence, born in a period in which the economic crisis cut on quality food. They believe that it is important that everyone has the possibility not only to feed himself, but to do it in a genuine way and without losing our great culinary tradition.

ITsGOOD is not only a portal, but a basket from which you can help yourself and bring on your table selected regional wine and food excellence, emotions and captivating tastes that will enhance each meal, such as a good wine can do.

As our logo, made of few but sharp strokes, we redraw the made in Italy eating map, wishing Italian families to never lose the taste of enjoying  the time together.

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