Salute to all 2018 graduates!

Salute to all 2018 graduates, It's finally here! The reward and relaxation after the sleepless nights of studying. How else to let the mind come to its original condition then just to steam off at the beach with friends and a few drinks. Here's a list of beaches near Manila where you can relax and enjoy with your classmates or even just you alone! Go ahead, you guys deserve a break!

1. Laiya Beach in San Juan, Batangas
Laiya is a see side community that has been a popular beach destination for city dwellers because of its proximity from Manila. A tropical paradise within your reach that has a long shoreline of a cream sand beach, enticing clear water and a variety of fun activities tucked in a natural setting. A wide array of resorts available all over the beach. So, food and accommodation will not be a problem.

2. Boracay de Cavite, Ternate Cavite
A popular beach near Manila is Boracay de Cavite or Marine Base (Katungkulan) Beach resort in Ternate, Cavite. It is favorite among weekenders, mountaineers and Caviteños. The beach has gray-ish sand that is so fine and soft to the feet.

3. Cagbalete Island in Quezon
There are many nice beaches in Quezon, and probably one of the most popular would be Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon. It offers a long stretch of nice white sandy beaches complemented with awesome clear waters, breathtaking sunset and sunrise views and wondrous natural sights. Since the island has been developed, there are already several resorts located at the beachfront for tourist and travelers visiting the island. But if you want to be on a budget, bring your own tent ;)

4. Crystal Beach in San Narciso, Zambales
Located at San Narciso, Zambales, Crystal Beach Resort is an expansive beach front offers several hectares of gray sand beach dotted with aguho trees with relaxed and intimate vibe. It is favorite destination among surfers, it’s one of the popular surfing spots closest to Manila.

5. Anilao Beaches in Mabini, Batangas
A popular diving destination, Anilao also offers great sceneries and activities that visitors could explore. It doesn't have white sandy beaches but its underwater ecosystem is its biggest attraction. You could do island hopping, snorkeling, picnicking, beach bumming and of course, diving. But if you're on a budget, just enjoy one of Anilao's numerous high-end and affordable resorts for that quick weekend getaway.

It’s time you enjoy and have fun! After that, your journey just begins! Congratulations!

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