Money-saving tips when buying travel insurance

Flight cancelled, baggage delayed, passport lost, get sick or injured... Are you prepared for these "What Ifs”? Consider these tips to find the right travel insurance before departing - You can save yourself money and gain peace of mind!

1. Check your existing policies or credit cards to see whether you already have travel protection. Try to avoid doubling up on cover - it means you're paying twice for the same thing.

2. Choose annual multi-trip cover if you travel more than 3 times a year - it’s likely to cost you less than buying separate single-trip policies.

3. Combine cover for families/couples - it could work out cheaper than insuring each individual separately.

4. Look out for age limits and medical exclusions. For example, most standard policies will not cover any pre-existing conditions.

5. Always read the fine print - the key benefits and features information - to make sure the policy suits the trip you are taking.

Remember that the cheapest deal isn't always the best choice - take into account your needs and decide accordingly. Stay protected - relax and enjoy your holiday!


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