Get your Tips and Hacks for the Mayo Fiesta

It's finally May and that means F-I-E-S-T-A time! Whether you’re a beginner or have been cooking for a while, step up your cooking game with these cooking tips!

1. Wary of high heat - especially if your frying chicken, you don’t want to eat raw chicken, right? Learn to put the fire in medium or low heat.

2. Use proper measuring tool
- if you are baking, always use measuring cups and spoons all the time. It will make a difference if you use less milk or too much.

3. Bring meat out of the fridge early
- don't cook wet meat or fish it's hassle-free for you especially if your meat is frozen. It will save you time when you need to defrost all your meat.

4. Don't leave the kitchen
- if you know you still have few minutes to brown the meat, don't ever leave your kitchen. There is a tendency you may burn your meat or veggies.

5. Always purchase fresh, quality ingredients - Please don't use expired spices. Buy only fresh and healthy looking vegetables.

6. Get a good knife - the key to nicely chopped vegetables and meat is a good chef's knife. A good knife will save the day!

7. Prepare and organize ahead of time - chop your ingredients especially vegetables that are hard to peel before cooking. With this, you will not rattle when you need to put the ingredients because you've prep it ahead of time. It's smooth and time saving.

8. Read recipe thoroughly - specially if its a new recipe you want to try, read and review it twice.

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