10 ideas to make your Travel pics look stunning!

There’s no better way to capture every single moment during vacation but to take picture, picture, picture. Make sure your photos are amazing! Here is a list to make your travel pics look stunning!

1. Give them a sneak peek of what's to come. Upload a picture that you are on your way to the beach like the trees or road.

2. Shout to everyone that you're in paradise. Take a shot of the stunning view you are in.

3. Grab a drink (juice, fruit shake or a cocktail), and pose for a selfie.

4. If there are too many people on the beach, strike a pose near palm trees and boats. That is also a great background!

5. Go to the beach, wait for the waves and work it with your favorite bikini and smile! Make sure to capture the waves splashing on you!

6. Skip the make-up and let your sun-kissed skin show. But don't forget that "Kilay is Life" (there's always an exemption to the rule :)

7. If you have a waterproof camera, dare to take that sexy shot without really showing off your body.

8. Don't forget to take a nice flat-lay of your colorful breakfast.

9. ..Or capture that background, if your meal comes with the view.

10. & the best at the end, a picture with your guy / lady or simply your friend will end the amazing day!

Happy capturing & don't be shy to share it with us!

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