Goldbizz General Trading Inc

Cashback & Shopping Points

  • 2% + 1 per 6500 PHP Purchase
  • Accepted Cashback Card B2B



GOLDBIZZ, a duly registered company operating under business laws of the Philippines, promoting entrepreneurship to the Filipino people by encouraging them to set-up their business through small-medium and large scale franchise business. The company concepts range from food industry, Beauty, Health and Wellness

To be renowned universally in strengthening Filipino commodities, be a leading provider of affordable and income generating foodcart and eventually conquer the global business opportunies through the most advance system of leveraging and product distribution while adhering to the highest standards of decency and integrity
To develop sophisticated Filipino inventions that will uplift the Philippines economy and conquer international market.
To inspire every mankind promote a lifestyle of continuous development of strategies, motivation, and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives.
GGTI management and independent dostribitors to maintain financial balance, charging a high value for its products and sevices with decency and integrity.
Core Values
G od fearing
O ptimistic
L eadership
D ecency
B ravery
I nnovative
Z ealous
Z esty

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