Cashback & Shopping Points

  • 2% + 1 每150 USD 購買
  • 接受 網上購物



Cashback及Shopping Points只適用於預訂酒店房間,不適用於訂購機票,旅遊套餐及火車車票。

**Any offers, discounts or promotional codes used from another site or from another source other than Lyoness will void all member benefits for your transaction.**

**This merchant may offer to have you sign up for their email list. Please note, that if you sign up to receive their email, this merchant may send you offers, discounts or promotional codes. If you choose to use any of these codes or offers, your member benefits for this order will be voided; even if you shop through your Lyoness member account.** 這個忠誠商戶使用您購買的淨值作為計算您的購物福利的基礎,因為這代表了該忠誠商家的標準類型的賠償。


Ctrip為一網上領先的網上旅遊服務公司,創立於1999年並於2003年於納斯達克上市。Ctrip在中國及全球其他地方為超過60,000,000會員提供服務,其在中國的酒店房間超過35,000個選擇,全球酒店房間選擇超過400,000,而機票選擇更超過80,000個。   重要資訊: Cashback及Shopping Points只適用於預訂酒店房間,不適用於訂購機票,旅遊套餐及火車車票。  

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