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The company opened in 2001 by the order of the projects done:

Some hardwear & software system below:

”Students quiz scoreboard”

 “sauna service MARK clock”

 “digital building intercom building”

“ Grand Prix starting lights”

“ two-way radios bank counter”

“ mobile base station equipment testing”

“ Stadium scoreboard game”

“ school competitions answer machine”

“ nursing home emergency alarm system”

“ the immigration building communications systems”

“ building the pool water level detection device”

“ Bank Queue”

“ hotel central control clock”

“ restaurants queue up ordering system”

“( Sic Bo) casino signs systems”

“ signs casino baccarat system”

Operating Range:
Justice in this group of engineers, professional undertaking special, hard to find commercially unpopular, computer hardware and software engineering, electronics technology projects, phone tablet application development, micro-channel marketing platform. Micro-channel ad. sharing program by ” wechat”

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