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Langflow Education Centre is committed to providing quality English language learning and tutoring services for every citizen of Macau.


English courses for children and young people are designed in accordance with the examination requirements of Cambridge English Language Assessment. Children from one year old can join our courses. Students from kindergarten or up are put to different classes by their English level, and they advance to the next level at their own progress. The learning process is stress-free. Many of our students have obtained high scores in the Cambridge Young Learners English Examination or have been admitted to their favorite schools.


Tutoring services are provided for school children from kindergarten to junior secondary. Under conscientious guidance, students are able to achieve satisfactory results in a short time.


In addition, the centre also organizes English, Cantonese and Mandarin classes for adults, and educational activities for children and young people, such as: summer diverse interest groups, leadership training camp, visiting activities and singing performances.

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