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Moet’s made a humble beginning in the early 1960’s. It opened shop as a Raw Chicken and Meat Outlet in the posh locales of ‘Defence Colony’ in South Delhi under the brand name of ‘Moet’s Chicken and Meat Shop’.
Nine years hence, Moet’s started its first outlet under the name of ‘Moet’s Bar-B-Que’ with a mere 7 tables on the floor!
Later Moet’s also diversified into an open-air dining concept “dine in your car” which gained immense popularity particularly with the South Delhi food-lovers. Simultaneously, Moet’s ventured into the ice-cream arena with “Moet’s ‘Kulfi” which is at present an iconic “Kulfi Brand” and holds its loyal base of customers & is a major draw to the Defence Colony market to date – infact the meal is incomplete unless it is sealed with the “Moet’s Kulfi”.
Yet another milestone was Moet’s leap into the Chinese delicacies under the name of “Moet’s Chinese Cuisine”. The diversification drive did not stop there!
Expansion plans were well on their way!! Moet’s took a step further and opened “Moet’s Café” with a live band – which was Moet’s offering to the vibrating and exuberant youth to shake a leg.

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