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“Cleansing the colon is the first step to a healthier life”

Why is colon cleansing important to health?

In today’s society the processed foods we eat have no bulk and fiber to generate the cleansing and peristaltic motion which assists the movement of the food through the colon. High salt, refined flour, hardened fats, high sugar and lack of water all contribute to constipation and bowel disorders.

“The wrong food will cause disease; the good food will create health.” Most of us allow our physical senses to rule our existence and let them destroy the real pleasures of life. We must remember the words moderation, balance and rhythm, or we cannot expect to have absolute happiness or satisfaction without balance. We must cleanse before trying to build to help restore that balance.

“Cleansing of the colon is the first step to a healthier life.”
Colon cleansing comprises not only flushing the bowel. It involves comprehensive, individual assessment like evaluating environmental, immunological and psychosomatic influences.

Benefits of Colon Therapy
Circulation is increased through the absorption of water through the large intestine which helps to bathe cells, flush toxins, and cleanse the kidneys and skins as well as the bowel. Another benefit of colonics is a greater feeling of youth and well-being and memory improvement.

Our Colon Hydrotherapists are recognized by the I-Act (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy) and experienced up to 16 years. They have been trained to assist during the colon hydrotherapy session. They will also provide diet analysis and correction according to different colon problems.

Please call our centre for more information about colon cleansing and book an appointment for personal analysis.

Booking by appointment only.


Details and Contacts
Tel: (852) 28057535
Fax: (852) 28057545
Email: mindbody1999@gmail.com
Address: 7A Han Chung Mansion, 8 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri:09:00-20:00.
Sat:         09:00-16:00
Closed on Sun and Public Holidays

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