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Doctor-4-U Online Doctor service is operated by qualified doctors and pharmacists who offer a confidential service providing genuine medicines at affordable prices.

All orders are paid for online using the secure payment service, then delivered to the customer’s home or work address.

The services on offer include:

Travel Clinic - Malaria Pills, Diarrhoea Pack and Jet Lag Treatment

Sexual Health - Chlamydia Gonorrhoea Tests, HIV Saliva Test and Chlamydia

Herpes Treatments

Treatment Services for Men - Impotence Treatment, Premature Ejaculation (Including Fortacin as an exclusive) and Hair-loss treatment

Treatment Services for Women - Oral Contraception, Emergency

Contraception, Cystitis Treatment and Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Pain Clinic - Wide range of opioid and NSAIDs pain relief

Insomnia Clinic - Offering a wide range of temporary sleep solution

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