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Navarra is very well known for its fertile and productive lands and its long tradition in organic agriculture.

We offer a wide range of healthy and high quality products at the best prices because we are all producers.

Wines, cider, pacharán, mojito, sangría, springwater salt, extra virgin olive oil, coffee, biscotes, juices, candies, charcuterie products, canned food...etc

We have the support of the Government of Navarre in order to promote our products abroad. HALACO Association has been awarded in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 with financial and institutional assistance.

Are you a distributor? Do you run a restaurant, hotel, catering, specialized shop, supermarket etc that would like to buy directly from PRODUCERS in Spain.

Get in touch with us!

Ask for our special B2B conditions for you as Lyoness affiliate.


Raúl Labat

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