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We are a no profit association of students, most of which are past Erasmus students passionate about the festive and cultural spirit that reigns in Valencia.

We have created this organization to help new arrivals, both Erasmus and foreign students. We help you to find accommodation, get to know the city and create a real relationship between you and the other Erasmus students.

You can find a lot of information on the website, but you also have to possibility of coming to see us in our premises, beside the universities. Erasmus also being synonymous with parties and entertainment, we offer nights out in bars, nightclubs, special events in conjunction with our partners and unforgettable student trips in Spain.

Finally, you will get discounts with our many partners with the Erasmus Life card, don’t hesitate to order it, it’s free.
We hope to see you soon to party together.

Michael Vivaldi, President of the association.

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