Canada Loves Books!

The Cashback World Team picked 5 of their favourite canadian books for you to discover !

5. A Complicated Kindness by Myriam Towes

Teenage girl Nomi Nickel dreams of spending time with friends in New York City. Instead she is trapped in East Village, a small town in Manitoba. The town has no train and no bar and people’s ambitions consist of slaughtering chickens at the Happy Family Farms abattoir or churning butter for tourists at the pioneer village.

4. Annabel by Kathleen Winter

Annabel tells the story of a child born in 1968 in a village in Labrador.

Even though Wayne is raised as a boy, he is in fact an intersex child. While growing up in a masculine culture, he thinks of himself as "Annabel".

3. Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels

When scientist Athos Roussos saves young boy Jakob Beer during the Second World War, Jakob Beer, his life turns upside down. The boy is taken to Greece and later to Toronto where he’ll start to question his sister's fate.

Later in life, Jakob meets Ben, a young professor whose own legacies of the war kindle within him a fascination with the older man and his writing.

2. A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

Ruth, a writer living off the coast of British Columbia, discovers a Hello Kitty lunchbox washed up on the shore. Inside, she finds a diary written by a 16-year-old growing up in Japan: Nao.

The diary tells the story of a lonely girl wanting to end it all; but not before she writes the biography of her great-grandmother…

1. Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

Siblings, Kate and Matt who love to wander off to the ponds together and lie on the bank, noses to the water share a strong bond. Matt, a talented kid, is expected to fulfill the family dream by becoming the first Morrison to earn a university degree.

When a dramatic event changes the course of the story, he ends up a farmer. Against all odds, it is Kate who earns the doctorate and university teaching position.

Throughout her life, she is never able to reconcile her success with what she considers the tragedy of Matt's failure, and feels a terrible guilt over the sacrifices made for her.

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