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Register online to receive 3 free Shopping Points

  1. Click “Register for free” to fill out the form
  2. Check your inbox for our confirmation email and click the activation link
  3. Receive 3 free Shopping Points and make the most of the rewards at our Loyalty Merchants

Register at a Cashback Shop to pick up your Cashback Card

  1. Use our search function to find a Cashback Shop with card pick-up in your area
  2. Visit the Cashback Shop and register for Cashback World
  3. Pick up your credit card-style Cashback Card and enjoy the rewards at our Loyalty Merchants

Tip: Even if you register online, you can still sign up as a loyal customer at a Cashback Shop with card pick-up nearest you to receive a free Cashback Card. If the Cashback Shop doesn't do it for you, you can link your new card to your account profile yourself under “My Cards”.



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  3. Go shopping with your friends and enjoy Rewards at our Loyalty Merchants

Register with the Cashback World Flyer

  1. Pick up some Cashback World Flyers with Cashback Cards from your local office
  2. Fill out the Flyer together or have your friends fill it out on their own
  3. Send the Flyer to your local office or complete the registration online
* The margin benefits are dependent on the products purchased and on the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.