The Tree Centre

Cashback & Shopping Points

  • 2% + 2.5 per 150 CAD Purchase
  • Accepted Cashback Card B2B



The cash back benefits tree sales only.  This does not include the planting, delivery, and any landscape work. 

Specializing tree sale services in Fort McMurray.
We extend our services across Alberta.
Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. 
In business for over 25 years. 
Affordable and competitive prices.
Large & small trees with most of our inventory grown in the 3b hardiness zone. Compatible for Fort McMurray hardiness zone 3a.
Large Trees
Crabapple, Douglas Fir, Flowering Crabapple, Burr Oak, Japanese Lilac, Juniper, Lodge Pole Pine, Mountain Ash, Mugho Pine, Prairie Sky-rise Aspen, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Black Hills Spruce, Balsam Poplar, Amur Maple, Amur Cherry, Mountain Pine, Schubert, and Trembling Aspen.
Small Trees
Small shelter belt trees form 1.5' to 3' White Spruce Lodge Pole Pine, Larch.
Trembling Aspen, and White Birch Whips 4' to 6' 

* The margin benefits are dependent on the products purchased and on the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.