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We are dedicated to matching the right pet with the right guest and meeting the needs of both. We are dedicated to enhancing our guests knowledge and enjoyment of the human-animal bond

Petland Vernon offers tropical fish, domestically bred pet birds, small animals, reptiles, and the best foods and accessories on the market to care for them.

People shop Petland, where they can find answers to their pet questions, where they know their pet will receive special attention. And customer service at a Petland store is very different from the service you may have experienced in most retail stores. That’s because Petland Pet Counselors are trained to ask questions of customers to determine what their pet eats, how their pet is housed, how their pet’s behavior is managed, and what kind of equipment is used to make pet care easier and more effective.

* The margin benefits are dependent on the products purchased and on the Loyalty Merchant. All hereto information on this website is therefore without guarantee.