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  • Покупателните предимства могат да бъдат видяни само от членове
  • приема Cashback - карта B2B


  • Работно време
    При уговорена среща
  • Контакт
    Telephone: +359
    All clients involved in the sale
    or purchase transaction
    should complete the e-form.
    The form is in the following link.
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  • Card Pick Up
    Можете да получите Cashback Card във вид на пластика от този търговски партньор.



The Group manages a unique portfolio of its own and licensed brands, selected according to criteria of competitive positioning and international prestige, with careful customer segmentation.
The Group's development strategy for the coming years is aimed at strengthening its current position in the global Media market, and continuing to increase its profit margins.
The Group intends to achieve these goals by optimising the management of its brand portfolio, improving management efficiency, strengthening its distribution network.

The Group is one of the leading global media and entertainment companies specializing in tv,radio, digital, outdoor, mobile, live events, and on-demand entertainment and information services for local communities and providing premier opportunities for advertisers.
The Group is arguably the longest-established design company.
Established in the mid-2000s to provide a total broadcasting and publishing service, the company’s emphasis is still on taking a job from inception to final production.
It is a company that offers the whole range of skills required in broadcasting and publishing, whether on paper ,on radio,on tv or online.
We provides  domain name registration and web hosting service.

We are also and Bitcoin miners.

D. Blagoev 1
9700 Shumen

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