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Eco Shop Direct is the place to reduce your electricity and water costs by using innovation and technology.

We offer a range of products for home, garden and office that enable you to reduce the usage of water and electricity, which make all our products eco-friendly.

Reduce your hot water consumption with our selection of Australian certified hot water taps that only heat the water you use. Electricity is drawn from your 10 Amp socket while hot water is drawn from the tap, so you are only ever using the electricity at the time you need it to produce hot water.

The Water Tube is another great invention that assists to water your plants even when you go away for 2 weeks. It is not a drip feed but rather a shield that you fill up to give your plants the water and nutrition they need. An Australian invention, this has been recognised world-wide for its dramatic effect to meet the demand of water saving devices that produce plant growth.

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