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CameLife markets high quality skincare products based on camel milk.  Our mission is to bring you affordable, ethically sourced natural skincare products  based on camel milk, a true Superfood for the Skin.  
Camel milk is a truly wonderful skincare ingredient.  Its fat content is very finely homogenised, so it is easily absorbed when applied to your skin, ensuring that the nourishing essential oils in our products are actually absorbed.  But it gets better; camel milk is high in natural Vitamins A and C, anti-oxidants that are routinely added to cosmetics using astringent synthesised acids.  Our Vitamins are entirely natural, made by the camels!  The milk has complex long-chain fatty acids, which nourish and feed your skin, while the natural alpha-hydroxy acid in the milk gently peels and rejuvenates, stimulating new skin growth.  

Camel milk also contains complex protective proteins, which can reduce inflammation and irritation especially when combined with the camel's unique single-domain antibodies which can mediate immune reactions associated with skin irritation at the cellular level.

CameLife skincare products are developed to enhance the natural benefits of camel milk, by adding natural essential oils and other therapeutic ingredients.  Wherever possible, we use natural ingredients; we do not use parabens, paraffins, phythalates, synthetic fragrances or micro-beads. As our products are bio-active, we have to use preservatives that work, but we minimise the use of synthetic preservatives, but they are necessary to ensure the continued safe, bio-active effect of camel milk throughout the life of the products.
We currently source our milk from sustainable camel farms in Muswellbrook, New South Wales and the Arabah region of Israel. The camels are milked with their calves suckling. We do not use milk from farms that stimulate milk production with hormones. 

Camel milk will be the next superfood.  Meanwhile, enjoy our Superfood for the Skin!

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