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Fruit & Vegies on the Move have been delivering delicious, fresh fruit & vegies to customers across the Gold Coast for 15 years.  During that time we have seen many other companies try to copy us without success.  We still have a couple of customers who have been with us since that time.


Our vision when we started was to give good old fashioned service and value for money, making our customers lives easier by saving them time and money.  This ensures that they always have fresh produce in the house for kids to take to kindy and school and for cooking meals.


People love the freshness and quality of the markets but simply don’t have time to go so we bring the markets to them.  We provide seasonal produce which is delicious, fresh and nutritious.  They don’t even have to be home to accept delivery; their produce is packed in cooler boxes to keep everything cold.


There is a cost savings too – delivery is FREE so it actually costs less to shop with us.  Our customers also appreciate that because their produce is so fresh not only does it taste better but it also lasts longer so there is less waste.  Children are more likely to eat more fruit & vegies if it is tasty, not bland like so much is today.


We offer a 110% money back guarantee if they are not completely satisfied with our produce too.  (We’ve only had to fulfill this once in 15 years!)


We offer flexibility in delivery, it can be weekly or fortnightly and we have 4 different box sizes catering to all sorts of different families.  Each box is packed individually and is customised for each customer.  Customers are always welcome to make changes to their orders too so they don’t end up with a pantry full of onions!


We also provide freshly ground coffee from a local roaster and farm fresh eggs.  For our diet conscious customers we have Slim Pasta which has no sugar, carbs or gluten.  We have recently introduced Coconut Oil which is another of Nature’s Wonder foods.  Our customers are also enjoying our local organic honey with their deliveries.


Australians are not eating enough fruit & vegies and we hope to help change this by making it easier for people to have fresh produce in their homes.  We have a weekly newsletter which includes fruit & vegie information and quick and easy recipes.



Fruit & Vegies on the Move making life easier and healthier.


Regards Arlene

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